Your Ally In Empowered Decision-Making

Need an ally to help you work through those big decisions? Someone, to help you create an actionable strategy?

I am here to help.

Between my legal expertise and Bulletproof coaching background, I bring a legal-ish perspective to coaching. This allows us to strategically handle problems to get you results.

From business coaching to divorce strategy I am here to be your ally.


Work With Me

Business Consulting

From Starting to Scaling I am here to help. From a 6-week intensive Get Legal Start UP to a business overhaul Emily is here to help. Both of these intensive packages start with a 30-minute call to make sure they are a good fit for everyone. I can't wait to help your business be outrageously successful. 


Get Legal Business Blueprint

Worried that your online business isn't as legal as it could be? Know there are things you need to address but have been putting it off? Don't wait any longer. Now is the perfect time to get a custom Get Legal Business Blueprint. Starting at only $97, I am here to get you sorted. 


Divorce Strategy

Wheather you are considering Divorce, or you have been told your partner wants a divorce it's a difficult time. You will naturally have questions about what is going to happen next and how you are going to navigate through it. The legal-ish help I provide is a blend of what the practical legal side of divorce looks like and strategy to protect your assets and emotions while going through the process. I've got your back, before you put down a large retainer with a divorce lawyer.

Consulting for Lawyers

Let's be honest, we are friends here. Being a lawyer is tough! Bringing compassion and empathy to your practice without burning yourself out is even more difficult. I am here to help you navigate your practice and your wellbeing. What clients expect from lawyers is changing, being ahead of that change will position you for the future. Please don't be the last lawyer with a picture in front of a bookcase! 


First– We start with a 30-minute strategy call. If we have worked together before or we have been discussing this issue please feel free to set up a 90-minute strategy package. If you are interested in a 4 or 6-Week package please e-mail me.

Second– Pick the time that works for you below and then fill out the intake information.

Third– Pay and confirm your time.

Fourth– I look forward to chatting with you!

I really look forward to helping, please hit the button below to select a time that works for you.