Emily is a TEDx tested speaker

with a broad range of unique experiences and a killer sense of humor, making her a great addition to your event, show, or podcast.


A TEDx Talk by Emily D. Baker

Sharing stories is the way we learn, grow and change. My diverse life and work experiences make me an effective and entertaining speaker. Through all my talks I take an audience through finding their unique voice and learning how to advocate for themselves, whether it’s in creating a better life, or in achieving a state of high performance.  I have three signature talks but I always work with you to make sure what I share is targeted to your event.

CHOICES & CONSEQUENCES – I speak to High School and College Students about ‘Choices and Consequences- A Prosecutor’s Perspective’. This talk helps students understand how their actions can affect their future, from the perspective of the person who has prosecuted individuals in both Juvenile and Adult court.

PERFORMANCE & PERSEVERANCE- I speak to College and Law Students about ‘Performance and Perseverance- How to Strive and Thrive’. This talk shows students that taking care of yourself is the key to unlocking their High Performance. There is no point spending the kind of money it takes to graduate if you aren’t able to thrive in your education, trust me, I have been there. The burnout is real!

THE 3 WORDS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE – I speak to businesses, entrepreneurs and at events sharing ‘The 3 Words That Will Change Your Life’. This talk walks groups through the steps needed to discover your inner badass and overcome obstacles. The way to grow any business is to grow yourself. This is an interactive and transformative experience that I love sharing with people.

I also guest on podcasts and the occasional YouTube channel. So if you would like to have me on as a guest please contact me!

I look forward to talking with you soon.

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