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Get an iPhone X. Essential pre-order tricks you need TODAY!

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Tech, Videos | 0 comments

**Update 11-2-17**

Please see my post about what actually happened on Pre-Order for the iPhoneX. It was a wild night with lots of issues with the Apple Store app. Apple told everyone, history told everyone, to use the App. The App turned out to be the least reliable method of ordering!  -Emily **

Want the new iPhoneX, me too! I am so excited. If the reports of short supply and impossible pre-orders have you concerned, do not fear. I have your back. This is, after all, what I do. Let’s talk iPhoneX.

The arrival of a new iPhone is one of the highlights of my year, every year. That’s right…Every year. I have ordered, bought, pre-ordered, waited in line and otherwise obtained every iPhone since the first one. I am a die-hard fangirl and today that is to your benefit.

If the thought of not having the iPhoneX in your hand on November 3rd makes you panic, this is for you. If you are like, meh, what’s the big deal..do us all a favor and wait a month before you order this phone.

It’s go time people. Let’s get prepared. I am going to walk you through the decisions you need to make and the action items with each decision. I am all about empowered decision-making, and for that you need information. So let’s jump in.

1. Which iPhoneX?

Pick your Model. Do you want Black or Silver? Then do you want 64GB or 256GB? Most people can get away with the 64GB. If you never offload your photos to a computer or shoot a ton of 4K video, then consider the 256GB. The 64GB base price is $999 The 256GB price is $1149.

2. How are you buying your iPhoneX?

You need to decide how you are buying the phone. The options are basically to buy it outright, upgrade through your carrier or upgrade through the apple trade in program.

Buying it outright? Baller. Go onto apple.com and select the color (Black or Silver) and the capacity you want ( Skip down to Where Are You Buying)

Buying it through an upgrade program? Great! If you are planning on upgrading through your cell phone carrier, you must make sure your phone bill is PAID! Pay it today. Don’t be me that one year where my phone bill became due at 12 pm on pre-order day and I couldn’t upgrade because my bill wasn’t paid. That sucked. Hold on…let me just go and check my bill.

Buying through Apple’s upgrade program? You can get pre-authorized through Apple at Apple.com. Do that NOW.

3. Where are you buying?

Where do you want to buy this phone? In Store? Online? You are right. It’s a trick question. Waiting in line for this phone does not guarantee the phone. Nobody’s got time for that. You are ordering online. So do you order through Apple or your cell phone carrier? I always have and always will go through Apple. In the last few pre-orders, they have bumped their system to ensure that pre-orders are quick and easy. Some people have luck through their carrier website, it is really up to you…but order through Apple.

**PRO-TIP** Download the Apple Store app, right now. This is the best way to order. You can do this on your phone or iPad. It is the fastest option, and therefore it gives you the best chance at getting that phone.

4. Prep Your Payment.

Now that we have decided that the Apple Store app is the best way to buy the phone, you need to prep it for quick payment. Yes, prep it today. The app will go offline on Thursday evening ahead of launch, so if you wait it may not get done. Set up your apple pay with your shipping address and the payment method you want to use for your phone. That will give you the best chance of a speedy checkout.

           **PRO-TIP** make sure the address in apple pay is the address you want the phone shipped to. It will default to the billing address as the shipping address, and someone needs to be available to sign for the phone on release day!

5. Pick up or Ship?

When you check out, you will be given the option to pick your phone up in store with a selected appointment time to have it shipped to you. With the iPhone 7, I picked up in store, with the 8 I had it shipped. With the 7 there was about an hour line even with an appointment time, but the people in line were pretty great, you get your phone in hand and you can high-five your favorite Apple employee. With the 8 I was surprised by my phone because it was delivered pretty early in the day. Remember, with delivery, someone needs to sign for it, or you pre-sign and risk your phone being left unattended. People know when these are being delivered and doorstep theft is always a consideration.

6. Celebrate!

You have prepped and pre-ordered your phone. You can join me on Facebook live as I pre-order and you can see all my past iPhone day and unboxings here. So let me know are you getting the iPhoneX and are you shipping or picking up??


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