3 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Busy Woman Needs To Know

3 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Busy Woman Needs To Know

If you are like me, mornings can be a challenge.  Let’s be real, mornings are a challenge. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those post about getting up earlier (though that can help), or how to eat breakfast in 4.5 seconds. Before I left my law job to become a full-time entrepreneur I spent most days with wet pulled back hair, barely any makeup and boring nails. I know…totally not me!  It is hard to feel cute when you constantly run out of the house without getting ready. I thought working for myself would allow me the time to pull myself together. Wrong.  I trade wet hair for a baseball cap and sometimes (maybe more than sometimes..) clothes that I wore yesterday.

There was a tipping point where I decided I wanted to look like I had my S*&t together at least some of the time. But, I don’t want to spend all the time in the world doing it. It became my mission to feel cute and put together, in a minimum, mom-friendly, amount of time. So I started looking for ways to simplify my beauty routine, wrangle my hair quickly and feel like I looked alive.

Now, I don’t know when it happened, but I totally missed the girl skill of doing my own hair. I literally never learned how to properly blow it out or style it and I am old, so YouTube wasn’t there to teach me all things teen beauty. But sitting here at almost 40 I have found the answer.  The Revlon one step hairdryer volumizer magic unicorn hair styling tool (ok, I added the last bit but it’s true). This recommendation came by way of a facebook group. I saw women with all kinds of hair having amazing results and tracked down this bad boy myself. I have used it for over a month, I have traveled with it, I have raved about it to everyone I know.  It is really that good.

One of the things I love most is having cute nails. However, I loathe the time in the chair and the upcharge for art on each nail. At just $8.99 each set the Incoco Nail Polish strips are my godsend. I actually reached out to Incoco and asked for a coupon code to share with you and they gave you 15% off!!!! So use code EmilyDBaker15 and you are set. These strips are basically nailed stickers but made out of nail polish. They come in amazing designs (and plain color if you are into that sort of thing).  They come off with nail polish remover and last about 2 weeks. They go on easily and are instantly dry. (see the video below! Even I can do it.) They make doing my nails a breeze and I love them so much.If you have never tried them use the coupon and check it out, you will never go back!

Finally, I live for the Arbonne Ultra. This is an ultrasonic skin care device and is the first of its kind. It allows your skin care products to penetrate the deeper levels of your skin so that when your skin turns over you have amazing glowing healthy skin coming up. It has made a difference in my skin and wrinkles and I rave about it in the video below. If you know an Arbonne consultant please show them some love. If you don’t, or you have questions, leave a comment or e-mail me and I will get you taken care of.

If you have morning hacks that make your days easier please let me know what they are because I love a good time saver!!! Don’t forget to join my e-mail community so we can continue the conversation!



Holiday Gift Guide- Vegan Beauty and Wellness edition

Holiday Gift Guide- Vegan Beauty and Wellness edition

Every fall Arbonne releases it’s holiday line and then sometime in October the items start to sell out and people are bummed because they didn’t know that the really popular items would disappear so quickly! It is a bummer, but you are warned. If there is something in this post or video that you love it’s best to get your hands on it now. As always Arbonne has a no hassle return policy, so there is nothing to lose.

The prices listed are Retail and then with the preferred client discount. The consultant discount is even greater.

If you have a consultant please shop with them. If you need a consultant I am happy to help you! emily@emilydbaker.com

The collection includes

Shea Butter Collection Hand Lotion Trio – $40.00   $32.00

Shea Butter Coconut Mangrove Hand Lotion – $15.00   $12.00

Vanilla Bean Lip Therapy Set – $50.00   $40.00

Olive Blossom & Eucalyptus Gift Set – $58.00   $46.40

Blossoming Beauty Gift Set – $48.00   $38.40

Arbonne Kids Sugar Cookie Bath Time Gift Set – $30.00   $24.00

MerriMint Hand Care Duo – $50.00   $40.00

Spiced Vanilla Chai Candle – $40.00   $32.00

Shea Butter Collection Body Butter Trio –  $45.00   $36.00

Starlight Glow Palette – $75.00   $60.00

Rosé All Day to Night Lip Set – $70.00   $56.00

Fig Blossom Creamy Bubble Bath & Body Wash – $30.00   $19.50

RE9 Advanced for Men Kit – $75.00   $60.00

Pampermint Foot Care Gift Set – $42.00   $33.60

Arbonne Essentials Cranberry Fusion Herbal Tea – $18.00   $14.40


Do the Bright Thing Travel Bag with Minis – $45.00

You need Bulletproof Coffee…NOW.

You need Bulletproof Coffee…NOW.

You need Bulletproof Coffee in your life. Ok, maybe not everyone…only people who would like to lose weight, or have increased energy, or increased focus throughout the day, or decreased food cravings, or control of food cravings, or who want delicious healthy coffee. If that sounds like you….well then let’s crack on. Then Bulletproof Coffee is for you. This is my Bulletproof Coffee routine, everything I use is linked below. As you guys know I am a Bulletproof coach {in training} because I know this is a better way to start your day.

Bulletproof Coffee is for you and this is how I easily include Bulletproof Coffee in my life, everything I use is linked below. As you guys know I am a Certified Bulletproof Coach, one of the first 80 in the world!  I discovered the Bulletproof Diet and Bio-hacking through Bulletproof Coffee, and it has significantly improved my life.

So what’s so special about Bulletproof Coffee anyway? I’ll give you the short version of what is in this coffee and why it works. You use Upgraded coffee beans, Brain Octane Oil and Grassfed unsalted butter. This combination of nutrients gives you a sustained energy with amazing brain clarity. Additionally, the Brain Octane Oil helps put your body into Ketosis. When your body is in even mild ketosis, it burns fat for energy. When you burn fat instead of glucose your body will burn it’s own stores of fat as well…..isn’t that amazing. Your morning cup of coffee can help your body burn fat all day long!  If you want to find out about the science behind the coffee, Dave Aspery explains it really well. Who is Dave Aspery, he is the biohacker who discovered that bulletproof coffee was the key to a bulletproof lifestyle helping him to lose weight and regain health.

Prior to discovering Bulletproof, I was NOT a coffee drinker. I was a devoted Starbucks lover, But I never drank coffee, always an iced chai or iced tea. Coffee always hurt my stomach, like badly. I now know that it was the beans that were causing me to steer clear of coffee. So now I use the Upgraded Coffee because regular coffee can have mold mycotoxins. This mold is what can give you the shakes or jitters that leave you thinking you want another cup of coffee, that isn’t the caffeine, it’s the mold. The United States doesn’t regulate the amount of mold in coffee here, so coffee from Europe and Japan that is rejected for being too toxic is shipped right here. This is a rant for another post. But I have tried the Upgraded Coffee Beans, and I have tried other brands of coffee, I have had inconsistent results with other coffee’s, even high-end brands. Sometimes a batch is fine, sometimes it makes me jittery as can be.

Brain Octane Oil is a short chain fat derived from coconut oil. Your body only needs three steps to convert Brain Octane Oil to energy, so your body is fueled quickly and efficiently. (Sugar for example, takes 25 steps to be converted to energy). The Brain Octane oil is the key to giving your brain sustained energy that is ready to go, because it is processed so easily.

The Grassfed butter is a superfood. It’s packed full of nutrients that’s right, butter has nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin E, and antioxidants. The fat helps sustain the energy throughout the day. Your body performs well on a high-fat diet and starting the day with this powerful combination can help kickstart that change.

My Morning Coffee routine is specific to me because I am still losing weight and supporting my adrenals. So I add more butter and I also add grass-fed collagen protein or peptides from Bulletproof or Vital-Proteins. Most mornings I also have one or two sausages because the added protein has helped me lose weight. If you are looking for sustained energy or mild weight loss then you can half this recipe and choose to leave out the collagen.  If you try this and find you are getting hungry earlier than you like try adding a little more butter or have some protein to eat with your coffee.

My Bulletproof Recipe

2 Cups (16 oz) Upgraded Coffee

4-6 Tbl. Butter

2-3 Tbl. Brain Octane Oil

2 scoops Collagen Protein

I have a coffee station set up in my house which allows me to make breakfast in under 5 minutes, everyone has time for this! Even when you are trying to get a whole family feed and out the door. Just set yourself up for success.

My favorite thing about my Bulletproof coffee is that it is frothy and delicious.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cloRifjbBM[/embedyt]


When you buy Bulletproof Products on Bulletproof.com you can sign up for a subscription to save 5% and you can combine that with eBates for an extra percentage back! If you use my eBates link to sign up you also get additional $$ back!


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